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Not many of us LOVE going to see the Dentist - we know that! That's why each individual experience at Dental Advance is tailored to ensure you are as comfortable as possible.

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Check Ups & Cleaning

Routine check ups and cleaning is crucial to maintaining a healthy set of pearly whites to show off whenever you smile.


Tooth Fillings

Repair your cavities and the damage caused by decay to prevent bacteria from attacking the cavity further.


Root Canals

A common endodontic procedure to repair damaged or infected pulp, the sensitive tissue that serves as the tooth’s lifeline.


Deep Cleaning

Removes tartar that has collected below your gum line, creating pockets, which become a breeding ground for bacteria.


Tooth Crowns

The permanent fixtures “cap” a damaged tooth, reinforcing the strength of your bite and the shine of your smile.


Restorative Implants

Titanium aesthetic aids that replace the look of any missing or damaged teeth via a crown, bridge or complete denture.

Healthy Gums, Healthy Teeth

We're here when you need us to help support the health of your teeth, and to offer advice for preventative care as it is crucial to maintaining a healthy mouth.

Over 30+ Years

Decades of experience combined with passionate experts will leave you feeling happy and relieved you chose us

Payment Support

You need a dentistry clinic, more interested in the health of your teeth and gums, than the health of your wallet

Friendly Environment

Whether we're providing our dental expertise to children, or adults, our team offers a tailored experience

Marie Flores Recent Patient

Highly recommended. All staffs are so accomodating. Surgeon is so nice with her gentle hands. 😊

Peter Smyth Recent Patient

Fabulous gentle perceptive professional thorough service. Actually a pleasure to go to the dentist now !! Could not recommend more highly.

Carol Fitzgerald Recent Patient

Dr Vernice Lo was able to rebuild the tooth! I am so grateful that I didn’t lose it. Dr. Lo is so gentle, didn’t hurt at all!

Helpful Resources

Discover helpful tips, guides & gentle reminders on how to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible, helping to save you money.